Postnatal Check / Mummy MOT

'Once postnatal, always postnatal'. This is a saying that is often heard. It makes me smile as I do think it has some truth to it. You will have always had a baby (or several), however the experience each woman will have had is individual. Some may feel they breezed through the process however the majority of women will have met some obstacle along the way. The 6 week benchmark where in the UK we were supposedly ticked off by the GP is so outdated. Tissue healing alone takes longer than that, and then there’s the rehab element! Your body has changed in a truly amazing way over the past 9 months and it’s going to need a bit of time to recover and rehabilitate. This is where specialist pelvic health physios and women’s health specific personal trainers, pilates and yoga instructors come in to their own.

Pelvic health issues affect 1 in 3 women at some time in their lives. Prevention is always better than cure and I believe (like already offered in some others countries) all post-natal women should have access to a pelvic health physiotherapist to assist with rehabilitation and achieve a safe and effective return to exercise. Rehabbing well postnatal can also mean you experience less issues later in life as you transition though menopause.

As the stats tell us, there are many pelvic health conditions that are commonly experienced postnatal but shouldn’t be considered normal. If you are experiencing any symptoms such as urinary leakage, heaviness in the pelvic or a dragging sensation, a widened unresolving tummy gap, pelvic or low back pain then please seek assistance. With a tailored rehab plan, time and some commitment you can achieve symptom improvement or resolution, hopefully finding a more balanced and stronger you along the way.

The 3 appointment options I offer are:

  • Basic Postnatal Check

  • Mummy MOT (Comprehensive Postnatal check including written report & rehab programme). See below for full description.

  • Pelvic Health. Suitable for anyone experiencing pelvic health symptoms - see pelvic health conditions.

What is a Mummy MOT?

  • A Mummy MOT is a specialist in-depth postnatal examination for women following both vaginal and caesarean deliveries. After childbirth most women experience weakness in either their pelvic floor or their tummy which can cause instability and reduced core strength. This can lead to problems such as back pain, pelvic pain, reduced efficiency with movement and bladder or bowel issues.

  • An assessment of your posture, breathing, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles help to indicate how you are recovering after birth.  

  • Once the assessment is complete, exercises and treatment to help in your recovery can be suggested and a plan created to return to exercise safely. The aim is to help you recover and prevent any long- term issues.


Who needs a Mummy MOT?

  • In an ideal world all women would be offered a postnatal screening. We know that after having a baby some women will have pelvic floor and abdominal muscle weakness and dysfunction.

  • The Mummy MOT®️ can help women avoid these issues by providing a bespoke postnatal recovery programme which includes safe postnatal exercises to return a woman to optimum function, activity and sport post delivery.


What does the Mummy MOT include?

  • 90 minute postnatal assessment with a specialist physiotherapist

  • Full postural screen and movement review.

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment (optional)

  • Abdominal muscle examination to check for any separation (tummy gap)

  • Screening for any bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction arising from pregnancy and birth

  • A written report including an initial postnatal recovery programme looking at posture, breathing, core activation and rehab exercises based on your goals.


"I went to Niki for a Mummy MOT and I cannot recommend her enough to any mum new or old! She took time to assess me and then to offer tips and suggestions for the way forward. Sending me a comprehensive report and videos of exercises to do to help me out."


Natalie, Chippenham