pilates classes Corsham

1:1 Pilates or 1:2 Pilates

Individal or 1:2 sessions (share the cost with a friend) allow for more focussed rehab on your specific needs. 

Education through movement will:

  • Aim at building balance at the foundations of our body/our inner ‘core’ muscles.

  • Improve awareness of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles

  • Achieve an improved posture.

  • Improve flexibility and range of movement throughout out bodies. 

  • Improved strength from the inside - out.

  • Integrate our movement into functional actions that help bring about more efficient movement throughout your day.

  • assist understanding on how breath work remains essential to our core functioning and will be addressed on every session.

This allows for personalised assessment and rehab planning. This option is often favoured by those:

  • who really wish to get the bottom of any movement restrictions they may be experiencing

  • who have suffered an injury  

  • who want bespoke session plans to achieve their own personal goals. 

1:1 sessions can take place face to face (outdoor or indoor) or online.

Please contact me for more details.