Postnatal Checklist

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We all understand that the six week post-natal check is a challenge for healthcare professionals and new mothers, because:

  • GPs and other clinicians are strapped for time.

  • New mothers are often more concerned with their baby than themselves.

  • It can be very difficult to ask, as well as answer, questions around incontinence and sexual health.

NHS England are working to improve the number and quality of six-week checks. However, this will take time. Pelvicroar would love to see every new mum recieve a pelvic health assessment by pelvic health physiotherapists too. However, we know that there are not enough specialist pelvic health physiotherapists to see every new mum.

Pelvicroar, led by Marie Fell, have been thinking of how we can best serve new mums as well as healthcare professionals. Try the Pelvic roar short questionnaire.

If you tick any of the boxes, it is recommended that you get some expert advice to help resolve any issues.

You might like to print out this questionnaire and take the completed copy to your healthcare professional. It may make starting the conversation easier!

Pelvic Roar Postnatal Screening
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