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Niki Hurst is a specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, certified Mummy MOT practitioner, Polestar certified Pilates Instructor, a massage and myofascial release practitioner and a mum of 2!

Niki offers one to one services, classes and telehealth consultations as well as events to raise awareness of the importance of pelvic health.

Niki is passionate to provide personalised care to each of the clients she sees, to bring about an improvement not only in their symptoms and function but also their enjoyment of daily life. Aiming to be ready to thrive.

Read about the common conditions Niki treats here.


Located in Corsham, which lies between Bath and Chippenham in North Wiltshire.

Niki Hurst specialist pelvic health physiotherapist Corsham

I have had several private physio sessions with Niki for severe back pain and I have enjoyed her weekly Pilates classes for over a year now. 


Niki is brilliant. She is professional and friendly, completes thorough assessments, covering work-life balance, stress, nutrition, exercise and rest. The holistic approach, coupled with her thorough knowledge of pelvic health, myofascial muscle release and her very empathetic nature has helped me to become more healthy and active, to manage my pain and be able to run, cycle and take control again.

She has been invaluable and I’d recommend her to anyone!


Mrs R, Marshfield

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