What to expect

If this is your first Physiotherapy appointment or Pilates session please read on to put your mind at ease.

Physiotherapy appointment

As with all physiotherapy appointments we will begin the session by taking a full history of the reason you are attending and to get a wider picture of your everyday life and personal goals. This is in addition to the pre-screen form you will be sent out on the booking confirmation email. Please ensure you have disclosed any pre-existing conditions or pain on the pre-screen form.

We will then start our physical examination, if appropriate, which will vary depending on the reason you are attending the appointment. Pelvic health physiotherapists will often need to assess you from a musculoskeletal viewpoint including the pelvic region. Care is taken throughout that you are informed why we are assessing an area and that you are happy with this.

Therapists will explain any findings from the assessment and what this means to you. We then aim to devise a plan for any treatment required. Treatment options may vary depending on your presenting condition however these are some of the options available:

  • Advice and education

  • Posture correction

  • Manual therapy

  • Soft tissue techniques including areas restricted by scars.

  • Pelvic floor training and/or release work

  • Breathing and relaxation technique

  • Bladder retraining

  • Dietary and constipation advice

  • Lifestyle, sleep hygiene and stress management

  • Exercise regimes and rehabilitation.


We will discuss how many sessions you are likely to need and fit these in around your other commitments.


It is useful to be able to see and access your limbs so either loose clothing or shorts/leggings and a vest top that you are comfortable in is ideal. You don’t need to bring anything else however you may like to bring a bottle of water with you.

​“Niki has a fantastic clinic room that feels discreet and very professional. She has a warm and engaging manner and is easy to talk to about ‘women’s problems’. Her assessment was excellent and very thorough and she was brilliant at putting me at ease.” 


Izzy, Corsham

Pilates session

Pilates can have so many benefits on our body, whether we are a postnatal mum, a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner . In our classes we aim to bring the focus inwards and find out what our body needs!

Please wear loose clothing or leggings/shorts with a vest top/sweater that you feel comfortable in and can move easily.

Virtual class


You will need a mat/non slippery floor space and water available. I would suggest that the following equipment would also be worth the investment: Resistance band (long & loop), Pilates ball (approx. 22cm wide), small Pilates ball (yoga tune up or franklin balls) or tennis ball, weights (e.g., 1kg, 3kg, 5kg), head rest, soft foam roller.

Live in person class

You will need to bring you own mat and drink. I would also suggest having a ‘swag bag’ of small equipment that you can bring including: resistance ball (long & loop), Pilates ball (approx. 22cm wide), small Pilates ball (e.g., yoga tune up ball or franklin balls) or tennis ball and a head cushion.


Links for equipment

Resistance band:

Long: https://www.mad-hq.com/product/resistance-band-medium-band-only-blue

Loop: https://www.mad-hq.com/fitness-mad/resistance-bands/mini-power-loops-set-of-5

Pilates ball: https://www.mad-hq.com/pilates-mad/pilates-balls/7-exer-soft-ball-blue

Small pilates ball

Yoga tune up balls: https://www.stressnomore.co.uk/yoga-tune-up-therapy-balls-93011.html

Franklin balls: https://www.stressnomore.co.uk/sissel-original-soft-franlkin-ball.html

Soft foam roller: https://www.sisseluk.com/sissel-pilates-roller-pro-soft

"Niki is an excellent instructor, highly knowledgeable and very encouraging. We have joined her online classes over the last few months and have seen a noticeable improvement in our running style and overall strength and flexibility. Her instructions are very clear, the content varies each week and we would certainly recommend Niki as an instructor." 


Julie, Calne