postnatal pilates classes Corsham

Postnatal Pilates: Mum & Baby classes

*Classes currently on hold due to Covid-19. Please contact me for future dates*

What is Postnatal Pilates/Rehab?

Specific postnatal classes to safely rehabilitate and strengthen your amazing body. Ideal for returning to your favourite hobbies and thriving at those daily functional tasks as a Mum.

  • Reconnect with your deep 'core muscles' (this isn't the six pack we see on social media!)

  • Regain normal posture

  • Pelvic floor and abdominal strengthening

  • Integrate our exercises into functional actions to not only make your body more efficient and stronger for every day tasks but for all the extra 'Mum' tasks. We all know this is labour intensive so we should learn how to move well.

  • Breathwork remains essential throughout all levels.

Class levels

Early postnatal

Improve awareness of the pelvic floor and abdominal area, release and realign your tissues and regain your posture. Integration of these exercises into everyday 'mum tasks' and movements. 

Advanced postnatal

Reintroducing impact into our training. This class focuses in on the participants exercise goals whilst ensuring 'core' integration.


A mix of mobility, strength work and ensuring we keep connected with our inner core system to supplement our daily activities and/or other sports.

*Participants will need to complete a comprehensive screening form or have a Mummy MOT prior to attending.